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My Kitty

2010-07-13 03:35:53 by Shadezguy

My kitty who is 9 months old ...

write in comments if she is cute or not please ...


My Kitty


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2010-07-13 03:38:40

OMG! Shes so cute i have a dog but i think shes cuter my dogs a fat spoiled brat

Shadezguy responds:

LOL yeahI have seen your dog he is cute...anyways thanks for commenting :)


2010-07-13 04:22:40

If you don't mind me sounding like an 8-year-old, OMG your cat is so cute and fluffy!

Shadezguy responds:

Oh thanks ... and don't worry about it ... you can sound like a 2 year old and I wouldn't mind ^_^


2010-07-13 07:38:28

totally cute

Shadezguy responds:

Thanks xellon